We provide high quality garage door repairs at affordable prices – usually same day – and all repairs are guaranteed.

Springs, cones, cables, rollers, handles, and locks can all be replaced.

Locks & Handles

We offer a complete lock replacement service, if your lock is not repairable we can usually replace it on the same day.


The most common fault with broken garage doors is snapped or tangled cables. If the wire cables have failed due to lack of servicing, the door will jam and become inoperable. For a fully inclusive cost of £89, we will:

  • Replace both cables
  • Re-tension the spring
  • Replace the plastic rollers that run in the tracks at no extra cost if needed

We use galvanised steel cable that provides a much longer operative life, especially in coastal areas. We service the garage door at the same time, and usually offer a same day service.

This work is guaranteed for 2 years.

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